Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The One About...6+ Months Later

Hi everyone...

At the time of the "BEEP", it's now 1:00 a.m. and I'm still awake. Work is soooooooooo not gonna go smoothly. lol

What's new? Hmmm...quite a lot but most of my close friends would already know what's happening these days. If you didn't get the memo..here's the summarized version:
  • Work's getting really busy for me at the moment...the whole team is swamped with tasks and deadline for a big website/software launch.
  • Getting into a health kick...been out enjoying the sun and weather more (when the weather's not crappy)...just got back into the groove of playing tennis and now summer's over. lol Just my luck...
  • Just starting up on a new MMORPG called "Warhammer: Age of Reckoning". Definitely enjoying it for now...a different alternative to WoW. lol
  • Rewarded myself for all the hours of hard work in this crazy/time-constraint/having to deal with incompetent programmers/inflexible deadlines project for work with a Crimson Red DS! :D :D :D :D

Hmm...just got into the writer's groove and now I'm yawning like a mofo. lol Guess will continue "penning" my gibberish on a later date. :)

G'night and sweet dreams, everyone :D

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The One About...A New Look

Right...if anyone still reads this, this post (and blog) mayyyyyyyy seem a little different. lol I guess my photobucket account went kaput (though I haven't really checked) and I might have lost the old template and other graphics. Oh well, new start with an old look (i.e. Blogspot's default templates). hehe

Hope everyone is well...

I've been crazy busy...about to graduate soon. HOOORAYYYYYYYYY!

Think that's it...short and sweet. Will post more when I can think of more stuff to write. :D


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The One About ...OMG I lost my voice. lol

Dearest reader(s)/snowrice lol,

I am ILL! Yes, for the past 2 weeks I've been hit with a nasty ass cold bug! At least I hope it's a cold bug cause my co-contributor to this blog got pneumonia so I'm hoping it's not that extreme and that the co-contributor feels better soon.

One more presentation and a final and I'm done for the semester. Still unsure about summer courses cause there are not a lot of courses offered that I want to take or can take to add to my credits. Oh well, maybe it's not too bad to take a break after 5 semesters of studies. Just one more to tough out and I will be FINITO!!!! Hooooray! No more group meetings, no more papers, no more presentations after work. Ohhhhhh...how I yearnnnnnnnnn for those days...

Aside from that, not a whole lot is happening. Oh Snowrice has turned 29!!!!!!!! OMG CONGRATS! hehehehe Someone sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee has a lot of time to party while (a) working on his Masters, (b) working part time?, (c) I dunno what else you do anymore lol. OMG, UPDATES! hehehehe jk jk Hope you had a blast and by your last entry, it sounded like you did. :D Happy Belated Birthday Snowy! For the record, I soooooooo wished him Happy Birthday on the day of his birthday. :P

Anyway, it's back to work now. My lunch hour is now over...and I still didn't pick up any food yet. lol

Hope everyone is having a super duper day! Oh yeah, 2 more workdays and then it's all about a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!!!! WOOOOOO!

Okay, am outta here. Talk laters.

Lainer :P

Oh wait.....

remember how I said nothing much happened...well, I lied... lol Here's a summary of what went down or what will go down:

  • Saw Christina Aguilera and the Pussycat Dolls on March 14th!! Damnnnn, do the PCD look kinda "oldish" live in person! hehe

  • Saw 300! What an awesome adrenaline rushy, beautifully shot film! Plot? What plot...did u see the way it's filmed? hehe

  • Seeing John Mayer in concert at the end of the month!!!! Hopefully, Jessica Simpson won't be tagging along. :P

  • Work contract extended till next March...huzzah! I'm now on temp-sal! lol 4 more months and I'll get dental!!! YES! :P

Monday, January 08, 2007

T|-|3 O|\|3 Ab0u7 L3375p34k 4|\|d |-|4ppy 2007!

|-|4ppy |\|3w Y34r!!!!

T|-|r0ug|-| 7|-|3 734(|-|i|\|g5 0f F41(0r3, d3f3|\|d3r 0f 7|-|3 W0r1d 0f W4r(r4f7, I 4m 134r|\|i|\|g 7|-|3 m07|-|3r70|\|gu3 0f 411 g4m3r5...w311, |\|07 411 g4m3r5 bu7 7|-|053 w|-|0 4r3 ub3r g33ky. T|-|i5 w|-|013 3|\|7ir3 p057 i5 d3di(473d 70 13375p34k!

I know, it's annoying as hell, isn't it? lol But it's all in good fun...especially when you don't take things too seriously. Anyhoooo, HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR greetings to everyone! Yes, I have been slacking off on the posts but it wasn't cause I was relaxing and actually enjoying my holidays. Nooooooooooooo, just my luck, I caught some weird cold/flu bug (eventhough I did get a flu shot on the first week of Dec) and yes, slipped and fell AGAIN...and sprained the ankle on the good leg soooo needless to say, I didn't ENJOY my time off from work and school. BOOOOO!

But, tis not the time to cry over these misfortunes as it's a new year and I'm planning on looking forward...and being more careful when walking and stuff. :-P So, bet you're asking..."Just what are you looking forward to in the new year?"

Well, I'm looking forward to:
  • graduating with my HR degree (hopefully at the end of December),
  • starting a new career in the field of my studies (I see a looooooong hard struggle),
  • cherishing the time I spend with my family and friends (new activities, new adventures, many, many funny moments, and more...),
  • growing up (damn, this is harder than I thought),
  • putting back $$$ onto my RRSP so that I can retire and travel the world (hahahahahahahaha...okay, I am serious about the RRSP thing lol),
  • doing more "pew pew" and leveling up to 70 in the online sensation that is the world...of warcraft (Hahahahahahahahahahaha),
  • just having fun!

If you're having troubles with the 1337sp34k, here's the translator. For some reason, the 1 can mean i or l. Hmmm...oh well, you get the general idea. lol

Toodle loo. :-D

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The One About "Testing"

Wow, now that Elaine's given me access to this thing, I don't know what to write. Guess I'm more of a talker than a writer?

Anyhoo, Elaine invited me to write on this blog because I thought this looked way better than the Google Group she started up. Plus she thought it might be amusing to share my "rantings" with others and, boy, do I have stories!

But for now, thought I'd just try this out. I think I'm gonna chill and maybe take a nap. Writing is hard work.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The One About Guest Authors

Good morning (in 3 minutes lol)

Just gave access to a friend of mine who will pop in every now and then and rant (mostly) and rave (maybe lol) about stuff. Dunno if she'll come up with a pen name or what not lol but guess we'll all (including me) just have to wait and see.

Till then, hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I've been neglecting this sucker (and the MSN one too lol) but school's almost done for the semester and I will soon be on my Xmas break.

Talk to you all soon. :-)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The One About Roll Calls

Dear readers (whomever you may be cause I never know cause no one ever comments or maybe no one is even reading this? then in that case substiture readers with "whoever or no one")...

Yes, I am alive...barely. Work, school, and now WoW is doing a number on my time and sleeping habits. Yes, I actually admitted that I WoW. :-P I will blame my married friends for this - dang them all to Darkmines! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay, probably only people who play WoW will get that. Oh well, guess my sense of humour is taking a beating too.

So I was wondering (again), who actually reads this? Cause if they do, noooooo one is commenting :-P (evil eyes @ San lol)

Anyhooooo, still at AED...until December or till they run out of stuff for me to do. I am learning quite a bit about the tourism opportunities, events, and operators happening around the province. Some are quite quirky (the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station) and some are quite unique (Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump). So the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is actually a World UNESCO Heritage Site so I was wondering if Snow Rice has checked that off his UNESCO list. ;-) Speaking of Snow Rice, man, I didn't think someone who's pursuing his Masters has sooooo much time to party the night away and living it up BIG JACKIE STYLE. lol Hope your grades aren't taking a hit - knowing you with your big brain, that probably won't happen. ;-)

Okay, I should get going - so much to do this weekend (finish a paper on grievances procedures in various collective agreements, study for a midterm, level up in WoW so I can keep up with the cool kids - HAHAHAHAHAHA, and pretty much catch up on everything else...). Hope you're all having a super dooper day, week, month,...year. lol

Oh yeah, I am getting "edumacated" in classical music or appreciate it more by going to two concerts next weekend. Yes, it's part of a class I'm taking :-P If Jackie was still in town, I would round him up to go with me but since he's living it up in Switzerland then I'll have to round up whoever's interested or remotely pretentious. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And I think I found the candidate - more details later. So will head to an ESO production "Italianissimo!" this coming Thursday and a Woodwind symphony at Convocation Hall next Sunday. :-D Oh yeah, in case it wasn't stated in my previous entries, I'm taking 3 classes a week while working full-time :-( Will bitch about it more when I have the time and energy. lol

Righty-o! Think that's all I have to report or am willing to share, or whatever cause I'm tired, am hungry, and I need some caffeine now. Toodle loo :-)

Your mentally and physically drained blogger :-P